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In TeachPitch I've found a community of teachers from around the world. I've discovered many digital resources that have helped me to engage with my students. Extraordinary people are supporting me to improve the quality of teaching.

Rosanna Albano, Venezuela

We can share our specific problems related to teaching and every single participant can help you, which means that in the end, you will have a lot of ideas to solve that problem. Finally, I used to think that there weren't more tools to work with, but TeachPitch has given me the opportunity to see a new world full of new ideas and technologies. My students are very happy.

Zorisbel Medina, Venezuela

TeachPitch provides me the opportunity to share my experiences with teachers from all over the world. I can easily find the technologies that I can use in my everyday job to the benefit of my students.

Lumturije Alimi, Macedonia

Getting in touch with Teachpitch was a real miracle for me. It is the platform that offers the resources, tools, and training I was waiting for. My knowledge about technology and methodology has expanded by tutorials, training, and tools that Teachpitch free of charge offers. I became a better teacher using technology in the right way.

Majlinda Qosja, Albania

TeachPitch has been an invaluable opportunity to connect with educators from across the globe and improve my own practice through their feedback. It has also been an honour and a learning experience working with the TeachPitch team to make learning technology more friendly and accessible to the wider teaching community. I am proud to support TeachPitch's mission and look forward to future collaborations.

Lee Leewis, United Kingdom

TeachPitch is unconventional, interdisciplinary, and bold. Reuniting teachers from different countries, transposing the language barrier beautifully, and giving opportunity in their knowledge and care for others, because education cannot be stoppable; it needs to be shareable.

Fabiano de Souza, USA

TeachPitch adds value in creating an awareness of how modern day technologies can help make learning more fun. Teachers collaborate with each other and are able to discuss what teaching techniques they are implementing in their respective areas. TeachPitch simply makes learning attractive.

Natasha Boucher, Barbados

TeachPitch is an amazing platform to connect to super talented digital instructors around the world. The learning journey has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I have discovered the best tools available for teachers to transform their classes to an excellent

Abja Adhikari, India

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