What do I get for my subscription?

The subscription fee covers the expenses of the services we will provide to build a professional course or tutorial such as:

  • Certification as a digital instructor on our platform
  • Designing all your course material
  • Marketing your tutorial among the global TeachPitch community
  • Personal coaching sessions to help you achieve better results
  • Helping you build your audience through extensive customer feedback and surveying
  • Providing you with 24/7 support
  • Connecting you with TeachPitch business partners for more additional income opportunities


How can the Digital Skills program be beneficial to me?

There are two ways to contribute to our program and work with us. You can either hold an individual tutorial for which you will be compensated $25 or, alternatively, you can sell an entire course, in which case we will retain 20% of the initial price.


How does TeachPitch differ from Digital Skills?

TeachPitch is a cloud-based learning platform that helps teachers and schools identify the best online resources available. We aim to resolve the problem of information abundance through content curation, artificial intelligence and online training. Our platform allows you to see, save, rate and share the most relevant digitally available educational resources. The Digital Skills Program, on the other hand, aims to build a community of digitally literate teachers willing to train their peers on how to better implement technology and digital skills in their teaching environment.


How are you different from other learning platforms?

We help individual teachers build and sell their courses through our platform. We are more focussed on the individual teacher’s entrepreneurial vision than those of large institutions. We focus on stand alone sessions and courses from individual teachers about the most innovative digital tools and instruction for educators.

Tutorial Content

I only want to talk about one specific software in my tutorial, is that okay?

Yes, that’s fine as long as you acknowledge that there are alternatives out there.


Can I have a discount on the $55 joining fee?

No, we don’t offer any discounts on our joining fee for our English language product.


Who watches your tutorials?

We have an audience of teachers, from online tutors to classroom teachers, from around the world with a wide variety of experience and digital ability.


I can’t use GoToMeeting in my country, how will that affect me?

In order to attend a session you don’t need a GoToMeeting account, all you need to do is to click on the link in the invitation email and you will proceed to your session immediately. We advise instructors to get in touch with our team to discuss alternative solutions.