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Can your online tutoring technology platform work in any country?

The online tutoring technology needs to be run on Google Chrome to operate smoothly. So you will need to be in a country which allows you to use Google. If you have any problems at all accessing the technology from your country please let us know and we will look into it urgently.

Digital Professional Development Course

What professional development courses do you offer? What training do you offer?

Our professional development module will help provide you with the right skills to become a successful and profitable online tutor. The current planned program can be found here, although this may change depending on demand. We are also looking to develop data to feedback to our online tutors that will help demonstrate and identify where they are successful in attracting tutees, and areas where this could be improved.

Online Tutoring Program

How can I attract more tutees?

Here are a few guidelines for attracting more tutees and booking more sessions:

  1. Have a complete profile, including a cover image and video message, and all the subjects/topics that you are capable of tutoring in. Make sure the education and work sections of your profile give as much detail as possible about your experience, as this is what will persuade tutees to contact you.
  2. Set a reasonable hourly rate. We don’t want tutors to undervalue their services, but know that a rate of $100 per hour will have significantly fewer requests than $30 per hour. We recommend browsing other tutors to see what those with similar backgrounds and expertise are offering.
  3. Collect ratings and reviews. If you are looking to improve your profile quickly, you could ask your tutees to rate you after the session.
  4. Be punctual & keep your availability flexible. Be punctual with your appointments, as this will bring positive reviews. If your available times don’t match with your potential tutees’, they won’t book you.
  5. Respond quickly and be helpful when an inquiring student sends you a direct message. Be proactive and clear in contacting the tutee if they are late or unable to attend a session you have confirmed. If this does happen then our team will talk to you about what to do on a case by case basis.

How can tutees find and book me?

Tutees will be able to book you through the calendar booking system. There they will be able to view the time periods when you are available and book sessions directly. You will also be able to confirm these bookings.

How can tutees contact me?

Initially tutees will contact you through the calendar booking system. After this you will have the opportunity to chat with the student who has booked a session directly by email. This enables you to get in touch with the student to understand the type of lesson they may be interested in, allowing you enough time to prepare for the session.

There is a variety of users of our platform, from people interested in learning more about teaching right through to experienced professionals with many years of teaching experience. Due to this it may make sense for you to have a conversation with the student before confirming a lesson to find out what they want to get out of the session and whether you can meet their requirements. This will ensure that they are happy with the session and are able to review you positively.

How is the payment process done?

Currently, you will require a PayPal account to be paid from TeachPitch. You can sign up for a free account at www.paypal.com. Tutors set their own hourly and half hourly rates and get paid according to the time they have spent in sessions with tutees. All rates and payments are in USD and tutors will be paid once the student has confirmed that the session took place and they are happy with it. We will ask tutees to complete this within five working days. The minimum lesson length is 30 minutes. Please note you must comply with local tax laws and regulations in the country that you are based in.

In order to guarantee enough time for TeachPitch to check that the student has paid for the session in advance we advise that you do not organise sessions for the same working day. We want to make sure that we can take payment in advance and confirm receipt so that we will be able to pay you for your work. If you do organise sessions for the same working day and the student subsequently does not send payment then we will not be able to reimburse you for the cost of that session.

What is the rate of pay per hour? Are there opportunities for advancement?

You have complete control over how much you charge per lesson. In the first year we will only retain $2 per tutoring hour or $1 per half an hour. Highly rated and active tutors will also be selected for our projects with other institutions worldwide. Whilst we will provide the platform for you to attract tutees and tutor online, how you market yourself will affect how much you are able to charge per hour, as tutees will be willing to pay more for tutors who they are confident will help them develop. Our team is happy to help you on advising on what is the best rate for you.

How does scheduling work?

You’ll need to set up a calendar on Google for tutees to book lessons with you. Tutees will be able to make bookings directly according to your availability and once you’ve accepted their booking requests.

How is it different to Skype?

Unlike Skype you will be able to customise your digital classroom exclusively for teaching and you’ll be equipped with the tools to teach more effective lessons online. This comes in the form of a virtual whiteboard, screen sharing, online chat & more.


I do not want to tutor anymore, can I have my money back?

The certification fee gives a tutor access to the certified online tutoring programme which consists of:

  • The ability to advertise and find tutees on the TeachPitch tutoring platform.
  • Access to the digital professional development course that TeachPitch runs to help you develop as a digital teacher and a successful online tutor.
  • A certificate demonstrating that TeachPitch certification has taken place.
  • This access is heavily discounted as certain elements are still being developed. You will also not have to pay the $2 dollar fee per session to TeachPitch for your first five online sessions.
Due to this we will not be able to refund any of the certification fee. Even if you do not want to carry on tutoring immediately, we would encourage you to stay engaged with TeachPitch and log in to your account to take advantage of the professional development opportunities we are providing, as well as to stay part of a cutting edge education technology platform!

What to do if confirmation of payment is not received from TeachPitch?

If you are due to tutor and have not received confirmation from TeachPitch that payment has been received, please e-mail ‘tutoring@teachpitch.com’ with URGENT - PAYMENT CONFIRMATION NOT RECEIVED in the subject line of the e-mail. We will check our records and confirm with you within 24 hours directly whether payment has been received or not, although we will try and reply as soon as possible.

If payment has not been received our advice is not to continue with the lesson and to contact the student asking for them to transfer payment or to reschedule the lesson. If you do proceed with the lesson and payment cannot be taken from the student then unfortunately TeachPitch will not be able to reimburse you the fee for the lesson.

We will endeavour to contact you either the day before a lesson takes place or the day of the lesson (if the session is booked for the afternoon) to alert you to the fact that payment has not been received. However, it is up to you to contact us if you have not had payment confirmed.

What to do if a student has not paid before lesson takes place?

If you have confirmed with TeachPitch that a student has not paid prior to the schedule time then you should contact them and ask them to pay, if there is sufficient time, or rearrange the session. If you choose to proceed with the session and the student subsequently does not pay then unfortunately TeachPitch will not able to reimburse you for the cost of the session.

What happens if there is a problem with the lesson?

In the case that lessons do not meet the required expectations for a student, you can seek further guidance in our Lesson Satisfaction Guarantee to settle refund issues.