We believe that you should only pay for services you have received. We consider it fair that if tutors have done all that they can to teach a tutee, they should receive payment. We also understand that sometimes lessons do not go as expected. That's why we have written the TeachPitch Lesson Satisfaction Guarantee.

This describes what we will do if you have a complaint about your lesson, what you need to do in those circumstances and the process whereby we will make a decision about a particular case.

What we will do

  • If you and your tutor agree that the lesson did not go as expected, and that there should be no charge, we will arrange a full refund to your PayPal account.
  • If you and your tutor disagree about payment we will investigate your case and make a decision.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, we will do all that we can to sort out your problem as quickly as we can, and we will keep you informed of our actions.
  • We will quickly inform you of the outcome of any investigation by email.

What you need to do

Email tutoring@teachpitch.com with the following information:

  • Date and time of lesson

  • The link to your Bramble lesson

  • Reason for requested refund

  • Whether you and your tutor in agreement

  • Contact us with your refund request within 72 hours of completion of the lesson